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▶ Information about the Privacy Policy

At KOWEL protecting our users' privacy is very important to us. We have developed a Privacy Policy in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act as below and handle personal information accordingly. This Privacy Policy explains how personal information provided by users may be used or disclosed and what we do to safeguard the information.

This policy will be effective on Oct. 11, 2018.

1. Definition of personal information

'Personal Information' means information that can be used to uniquely identify one person from another including name and social security number (It also includes information that can be used together with other information to differentiate one person from another)

2. Collected items and collection methods, Collection and Purpose of Personal Information, Period of Maintenance and Use of Personal Information

Most of the services are available without signing up. However, personal information is collected in order to provide personalized and better service. Company does not disclose any personal information without the prior consent of the user and the information collected are used as shown below:

In case of “Inquiry” menu :
  • - Collection Items : name, address, City/State, Zip Code, Country, E-mail
  • - Collection method: input when “Contact” at KOWEL homepage online
  • - Purpose : Provide a smooth communication path when receiving an estimate request, etc.
  • - Period of Maintenance : 3 years
In case of “Q&A” menu :
  • - Collection Items : Writer name
  • - Collection method: input when “Contact” at KOWEL homepage online
  • - Purpose : Provide a smooth communication path when receiving enquiries, etc.
  • - Period of Maintenance : 3 years
In case of “Online A/S Center” menu :
  • - Collection Items : name, Company, Department, Extension Number, Tel number. Fax number, E-mail
  • - Collection method: input when “Contact” at KOWEL homepage online
  • - Purpose : Provide a smooth communication path when receiving A/S processing, etc.
  • - Period of Maintenance : 3 years

  • Information you entered will not be used other than for the purposes stated above and will not be disclosed or shared with third parties.

3. Procedure and Methods of Personal Information Deletion

We delete personal information immediately after the purpose of its use has been achieved. The deletion procedure and methods are as follows:

  • Destruction procedure : KOWEL selected the reason Privacy destruction occurred. And take the company to the approval of the Chief Privacy Officer will destroy your personal information.
  • Destruction method : Personal information printed in paper will be destroyed by a shredder or incinerated. Personal Information stored in electronic file is deleted by technical method disabling regeneration of records.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

KOWEL is entrusted personal information processing tasks, as shown below.

Vaimedia : Website maintenance and management remuneration
  • - KOWEL hope to the public through this Privacy Policy without delay if the information to be changed or trustee of commissioning.

5. Rights of the data subject. How duties and Events

Information at any time, subject to the following KOWEL may exercise the right to privacy.

  • Personal information view request
  • If you have any needs, such as error correction
  • Delete required
  • Stop processing requirements
  • If you are a child under the age of 14, you have the right to withdraw your right to collect, view and modify your child's personal information.

The exercise of rights in writing about KOWEL, telephone, email, facsimile (FAX) can be through such measures, we will without delay, and the company about it.

6. Installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices

KOWEL uses 'cookies' that store and retrieve your information from time to time to provide personalized and customized services to each user.

(1) Purpose of Cookies
It provides personalized service through analyzing the frequency of visitors and visit time of the homepage users, grasping the user's taste and interests, tracking trace, and checking the number of visits.
(2) To reject cookie settings
The user can deny the cookie installation. However, it may be difficult to use some services that require login if you refuse to install cookies.
* Setting method: IE standard) Tools at the top of the web browser > Internet Options > Privacy > Blocking sites

7. Complaints and Consultation Related to Personal Information

KOWEL takes users' suggestions on the personal information policy seriously and has created a system to handle complaints. Please refer to “8. Contact Information of the Privacy Officer” to file any complaints or ask any relative questions. We will address your concerns as fast as we can. KOWEL will quickly respond to the complaints and do our best to resolve any issues.

8. Staff Dealing with Personal Information - Name and Contact Information

KOWEL has a designated employee for processing suggestions and complaints regarding the issues with personal information as below:

Personal Information Management Manager
  • - Position : President
  • - Name : Lee Jong-Dae
  • - Phone Number : 82-51-603-0321
  • - Fax : 82-51-831-0327
  • - e-mail :
Personal Information Management Officer
  • - Department : Management Support Team
  • - Name : Moon Joong-Guen
  • - Phone Number : 82-51-603-0312
  • - Fax : 82-51-831-0327
  • - e-mail :

9. How to remedy infringement of rights

Information subject can contact remedies, counseling for privacy for the agencies listed below. <As a separate agency under the authority of the company and, in the company's own privacy complaints, please contact us if you need more help or not satisfied with the results of remedies.>

▶ Privacy Mark Certification Committee : 118 (

▶ Supreme Prosecutors' Office - Internet Crime Investigation Center : 02-3480-3600 (

▶ The National Police Agency - Cyber Terror Response Center : 1566-0112 (